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My name is Carine. I'm a fashion designer, teacher, permaculture lover and mother of two amazing daughters. 


I am passionate about literature and studied philology before finding my way into the world of fashion.

After working for designers Dirk Van Saene en Sofie D'Hoore, in 1991 I launched my own collection that was sold in Belgium, Holland, France and even Japan. Inspired by kitsch, culture, Thelma, Louise and David Bowie, I created glamourous, everyday feminine pieces.

My desire to live sustainably and be kind to the planet translated itself into my work in fashion. I don't like polluting synthetics and can't stand the idea of one-season pieces.


I wanted to get out of the constant treadmill of the fashion industry and saw the need for a shift towards a more sustainable fashion model.


That is why I launched a made-to-measure concept, so I can design handmade unique dresses that are made with and for each client specifically. I source sustainable fabrics and together we create a timeless design that truly fits the personality of the woman wearing it.

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